Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Welcome to Ottawa!

These past few days have been some of, if not THE craziest days of my mission so far!! SO much has happened!

First of all, last Wednesday I met my new companion, fresh out of the MTC. Her name is Sister Cunningham and she's from Utah. I love her! I'm going to enjoy these next couple of transfers together! :)

After that, we took a 3 hour bus ride to Ottawa, met some other missionaries, and found our new apartment. It's really cool because we live downtown - as in, within short walking distance of City Hall and Parliament. (We caught the beginning of some fireworks over Parliament Hill the other night.) Elders used to live here, but they did a nice job of cleaning up before we arrived, so it's pretty nice....but there are definitely some eyebrow-raising SIX tubs of margarine in the fridge/freezer.....(We asked about that. Apparently they were all gifts. The elders were like, "I don't know, maybe you can use them as thank-you cards after dinner appointments?") Cool.

So, we're also on transit in this area. It's a pretty huge change for me, coming from an area where we drove 100+ km daily to lots of walking and learning to decipher bus maps...we've made a lot of mistakes...we missed one appointment completely because we got lost and were going to be an hour late, and another time we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk twice as far to get home in the pouring rain. It's been an adventure! But we're actually really enjoying it! :) On top of all that, we have a tiny teaching pool because even though technically we didn't open a new area, we kind of did. The previous sisters are still here, but they now only teach in Spanish, so they kept all their Spanish-speaking investigators and less-actives.

But hey! We've had some cool experiences! The other day we were walking down the street and this man leaned out of a coffee shop and asked if we could talk about the Book of Mormon (so we did). Haven't had that one happen before!

Till next week!

Sister Shaver

 Saying goodbye to Sister Hinkson and Saint-Jérôme families.

 Hello Sister Cunningham! (with the Patricks)

us soaking wet the day we got caught in the rain 

a squirrel we named Nemo because he has a gimpy paw

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