Monday, 28 September 2015

It's General Conference Time Again!

Buenos dias! 

This week was wonderful! We were super busy most of the time and had a lot of lessons. We also got transfer calls! Since we're still halfway through the 12-week training program for new missionaries, Sister Cunningham and I are staying right where we are. However, this week we're getting a huge batch of new missionaries, and only one or two are going home! So lots of missionaries are opening, re-opening, flushing (whitewashing), and training! It's so exciting! 

Some other great things that happened are that one of our investigators, we'll call her Lydia, came to watch a baptism at the church last weekend and came to church on Sunday. Another one, our Muslim amie, came to a Relief Society activity on Saturday. For the women's session of General Conference, our Relief Society decided to host a potluck/PJ party at someone's home to watch it together. The best part is we got to go too! We didn't get to wear our pajamas. But we did get permission to be out past curfew to watch the whole thing. :) 

The broadcast was wonderful. There were some really amazing talks. I think that sometimes we forget just how wonderful the Gospel really is! Not long ago we taught a lesson in which the investigator expressed gratitude to the point of tears for the beautiful and wondrous gift God has given us; a living prophet. Think about it for a moment. The Supreme Creator of the entire Universe, who is so great and so wonderful that we cannot comprehend it, He who is perfect, has sent prophets to the Earth in our day to guide us back to Him. That's how much we matter. That's how loving He is. In His eyes, we are worth it. I don't remember who said it, and I'm paraphrasing, but I am reminded of this paradox: "Compared with God, man is nothing. But to God, man is everything." 

Have a great week, everyone! Happy General Conference! :)

Sister Shaver

 Pics of our hike in Gatineau last week.

 The Terry Fox Run in Ottawa!

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