Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Six Months!

Salam alaikum! 

I can't believe I hit my 6-month mark this past week! A year from now, I won't even be a missionary anymore! Crazy! While I can't say I've loved every minute of it (because there are downs as well as ups), I wouldn't trade these past 6 months for anything. Serving a mission is 100% worth it, and I LOVE being a missionary! :)

The biggest news this week is that we got a new investigator, who is GOLDEN. We'll call her Ella. We actually met her last week but I didn't write about it because we weren't sure if we'd be able to teach her - since she's muslim, we had to get permission from the mission president. Anyway, Ella is from Kuwait and is actually a direct descendant of Abraham. She has her genealogy all the way back to Adam. A member brought her to church last week and at the end she practically ran up to us and said, "Baptism! I want it! How do I get it?" Since then we've had two lessons with her. At both, she felt the Spirit very strongly. She is already willing to accept the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith! Obviously, we still have a lot to discuss with her, but so far, she is just amazing!

Another big thing that happened this week is that school has started up again. We are often near the university, so we see a lot of students. 

We had a dinner appointment about a week ago with a family that has a bunch of kids, and the 5-year-old told us all his best jokes: "Why did the squirrel climb the tree?" "I don't know. Why?" "Because his nest was at the top!" "....Okay. Well, that makes sense." "No, I mean at the very top!" "Oh, okay...haha..." Kids are great.

I love you all! Have a great week! :)

Sister Shaver

P.S. Sorry for being a day late! Since yesterday was a holiday, we got to spend it proselyting and taking advantage of people being home. :)

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