Monday, 14 September 2015

Not Satisfied


A lot of things happened this week! We had a wonderful zone conference, the theme of which was "Always Remember Him." We talked a lot about the Sabbath day and the sacrament, and we got to watch video segments from the training given to General Authorities at last April's General Conference. It was so good! Those of you back home who are in ward councils either have seen or will be seeing the same ones. :) And then our mission president happened to randomly remember that President Russell M. Nelson's birthday is September 11th, so afterwards he took a video of us singing Happy Birthday and emailed it to him!

Shortly after zone conference, we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. It was so much fun! Sister Azimi-Tabrizi is fantastic! She and I stayed in my area while Sister Cunningham and Sister Hill went to Gatineau (and Sister Cunningham got to speak French!). It was awesome, but it was also raining and suddenly really cold (it's been really hot the last few days). I wasn't prepared. I got sick. It's sad. 

I also have a funny story from last week. Sister Cunningham and I tried to make Haitian food together but instead all we got was a very smoky apartment and some burnt mushy inedible mess. We later found out that when one wants to fry plantains, one must buy the green ones, not the yellow ones. And that one shouldn't make the oil too hot. We have so many adventures!

We also learn a lot of great lessons. One lesson I learned (or re-learned) during zone conference is that Heavenly Father just isn't satisfied with who we are. It sounds a little harsh, but it actually isn't. He loves us immensely, but He is not content with who we are right now because He knows out great potential. In the parable of the prodigal son, found in the Bible, (if you don't know it, look it up:) ) we often focus on the two sons and their behaviour, and we often overlook the things we can learn about the Father. In the story, the father sees his returning son when he is "yet a great way off" and rejoices. For him to have seen his son from so far away, he would have to have been watching and waiting for him. He never forgot him. He never gave up hope. In the same way, our Father in Heaven is watching and waiting for each of us. He rejoices when we take steps in His direction. He knows how far we've come and He sees how far we still have to go. And He helps us.

I hope that you're all doing well! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Shaver

 Me at Parliament and on my 6 month mark!

              SUPER awkward district photo.                        Ethiopian doughnuts. Yum!
                                               We have representation from mexico, Haiti, 
                                                france, Tahiti, the US, and Canada. 

              Round two of getting soaked! It was so hot that day,      A random farm in the middle of Ottawa 
                          and we wished we could swim. Well, wish granted. 
                                                   IT POURED.

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