Monday, 17 August 2015

The transfer call strikes again!!!

Honestly, I think zone leaders enjoy doing transfer calls too much. Here`s what our conversation was like last Saturday:

ZL: Are you ready for your transfer call?
Us: Yes!
ZL: Sister Shaver - you are...(suspense)!
Me: Where is that? (Ottawa) What language? (English) etc.
ZL: Oh, and Sister Shaver?
Me: Yes?
ZL: ....... You`re training!
*explosion on our side of the phone*

Yes! So Sister Hinkson is going home, elders are moving into our area, and I am flushing into an area and TRAINING! Whaaaaa! And it`s a little bit complicated, but from what I gather, there are already sisters where we`re going - who are staying - but they`re becoming exclusively Spanish sisters, and we are taking over their area. But they`re keeping their apartment and car etc. which means that on top of whitewashing, I`m also going into a new apartment! (There are pros and cons to this...)

So, that`s my exciting news for the week. It took me like 3 hours to fall asleep that night because there`s SO much to do in the next few days! Our members and investigators are really sad about it. Those poor elders. But I`m sure they`ll warm up to them quickly. :)

This necklace was given to me by an African family. It's in the shape of Cameroun.

Otherwise, it`s been a generally good week! Nothing else major happened except that one of our less-actives actually came to church for the first time in forever! Yay! 

Our peanut butter party snacks.

It`s bittersweet leaving an area. I won`t have a chance to say goodbye to some of the people I really got to love. 

But I am WAY excited for this next adventure!
Sister Shaver

My district is (was) Elder Sumsion, Elder Gonzalez, me, Sister Hinkson, Sister Meldrum and Sister Rawlings

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