Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I never thought I'd meet someone who believes in

Odinism? I`m not sure if that`s what it`s called in English. But you all know Thor, right? And how he`s a god in some different religion? Yeah, well... I found it.

Let me start from the beginning though. This past week was kind of rough because we just don`t have people to teach right now. Actually, it sounds like the whole mission is going through kind of a slump. But we did have a couple of really cool experiences! One of them was with this woman - let`s call her Jane. Jane is a former investigator (from 4 years ago) who only stopped receiving the missionaries because her family was against it. Recently, they gave their permission for her to do what she wants, and she decided she wanted to come back to church and be baptized. The problem was that she is elderly and can`t get around on her own, and she didn`t have a phone number for the missionaries or her member friend, so she had no way of doing this. So she prayed, and waited.

Meanwhile, we were in the middle of making phone calls to our current investigators when Sister Davis thought it would be a good idea to call a couple of random numbers that just happen to be in the phone from who knows how long. We called Jane, set up an appointment, invited the member who had introduced her to the church (without realizing it) and had an amazing lesson in which she expressed her desire to be baptized! It was such a huge miracle!!

Also, last P-day we went to Cap Rouge with the Ste Foy sisters, which was fun. :)

On Saturday night, we "lost" our car key. It actually broke and we dropped the important part in a hole in the car under the emergency brake and have no hope of retrieving it.  SO we were carless for a couple of days. On Sunday we walked to the nearest person we teach.

It took an hour each way. So... c`est ca.... As a result, we had a surprise trip to Montreal and back yesterday to get the spare key from the mission office, which is why I`m emailing today instead. Oopalay. It was on the bus ride to Montreal that I was sitting next to a French man who believes in Odin. It was a really interesting conversation. I taught him the Restoration and he taught me about ancient runes from Odin and the German word for butterfly. I`ve also decided that 3 hours on a bus is too long to talk to a stranger. 

Meanwhile on the bus, Sister Davis was sitting with a Colombian lady who had previously prayed that God would send her someone who could speak Spanish and help her use the metro in Montreal (which we did), then later on took Sister Davis` Book of Mormon in her hands and said, "God, please help me read something that will strengthen me and help me." and then opened right to Moroni 10:3-5! So, I guess we lost our key for a reason! :D

Hasta luego!

Soeur Shaver

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