Wednesday, 1 July 2015

"The word of God is beautiful."

Alrighty! So this week was pretty great!

Remember Jane? I think I talked about her last week, or the week before. Well, Sister Davis and I felt that she was ready for baptism, and we prayerfully selected a baptismal date for her - July 25th. She has been so prepared by the Lord and already knows pretty much all of the doctrine and has this super strong desire. When we went to see her this past week, she was super excited to choose a baptismal date and when she looked at her calendar, after eliminating a few choices, she decided that the absolute best day for her to be baptized would be July 25th! That`s when we told her that we had picked the same day - her face was PRICELESS! And the best part is that she recognized it was God at work in her life! Finally, after many of our investigators have expressed a desire to be baptized, one of them has actually accepted a specific date!!! :D

I gave a 10-minute talk in sacrament meeting on missionary work yesterday! In French! I am SO glad I knew French before coming out on my mission. It`s been so helpful! And my talk went really well. I lost count of how many people thanked me and told me that it touched them. Basically, the take-home message was that if you`re making excuses not to do missionary work, you don`t understand or appreciate the Atonement. It turns out that people really like bold talks. And the bishopric has called a special ward fast for missionary work in Quebec this month. YES! They`re "getting" it!!

This weekend we dropped by a new investigator and ended up staying to help her prepare to move. She`s this cute young single mom from Cameroun (Africa), and the great part is that two of her friends were there too, and one of them was really interested! He was like, "Oh, these are the mormons you told me about! Yeah, I want to learn more! Maybe I`ll come to your church soon." Awesome. Haha but then we went back the next day and our amie wasn`t there but the two guys were, plus another one of their friends (ALL from Cameroun. How?) and tried to teach a lesson but it was hard because the third friend just tried to hit on us half the time. -.-  "The word of God is beautiful."

Anyways, that`s all for this week! Love you all!

Soeur Shaver

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