Monday, 8 June 2015

This is the greatest work!


Sorry this email is a little long. It`s hard to keep it short when the Lord has blessed us so much!

So this week has been GREAT! I got to see some of my relatives, the Zumbachs, this weekend because they were in town for a wedding (SO good to see them! I love them so much!), we had a crazy miracle in sacrament meeting, AND, perhaps the BEST part of this week, we invited a family to be baptized and they said YES!!! It was a little scary but so rewarding to look someone in the eyes and ask, "Allez-vous suivre l`exemple de Jésus-Christ et être baptisé par quelqu`un qui détient làuthorité de la prêtrise de Dieu?" and then have them respond positively. They have a ways to go before they`re actually ready, but I am so excited for them, and for the ward if it works out! They have 5 children, so it would be a huge blessing to the church here in Québec! 

 With the Zumbachs!                 Me and my cousins!               Avec ma Tante Cheryl!

That whole lesson was a miracle, actually. It started out kind of awkward, but as we started reading the Book of Mormon together, the Spirit took over and guided the whole thing. By the time we actually made the invitation, it just made so much sense. It was perfect. :) 

And then there are the times in missionary work where we knock on a door and get a surprise 10-minute lecture on Islam. Oopalay. 

But then there was the miracle in sacrament meeting! The week before we had decided to ask a few members to share missionary experiences in testimony meeting, to kind of get the ball rolling and get the members excited about missionary work. Last week our mission president spoke in stake conference about members and missionaries working together, so we thought this would be a good opportunity. There was one member in particular who had come to a lesson with us that we wanted to ask but we were just never able to get ahold of her - and then she got up in testimony meeting and bore her testimony about the EXACT thing we were hoping she would! She was clearly following the Spirit. And there were so many testimonies about missionary work! (Including one from Uncle Alain. He`s the best.) The Church is so true!

Tatjana, Moi, Jasalie 

I think that`s all I have to say. Have a great week, everyone!
Soeur Shaver

Finally eating poutine!!!   

 My mission countdown calendar so far!
 (My mom is crazy)

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