Monday, 15 June 2015

Monsieur Monique

Happy Monday, everyone!

This past week I hit the 100 days mark of my mission! And in three weeks, when this transfer is over, I`ll be 1/4 of the way done already! How???

This week was great. :) We went on exchanges which was really fun and also had a zone training meeting. Something our mission president really focused on was how the understanding of true doctrine changes behaviour. It was really interesting - when someone doesn`t want to keep a committment or follow a commandment, it`s because they haven`t understood something fundamental about the Gospel. So, our approach should change from, for example, "You don`t want to quit smoking? Let`s discuss the word of wisdom." to "You don`t want to quit smoking? Let`s re-explain the nature of God (or the Plan of Salvation or the Atonement or the Restoration) because you must have missed something." So, for those of you at home, if there`s a commandment you`re struggling with, there`s something to think about.

Also, we had more crazy miracles!! There`s one investigator that we have who was actually a former investigator who referred herself back to us a few weeks ago by emailing her member friend and asking for the missionaries back. When we first met with her though, she seemed pretty iffy and didn`t really want to commit to anything. She just wanted to talk about God. BUT last time we saw her she held up the Book of Mormon and said, "I know that it`s true." and said she`d pray about a baptismal date and let us know on Sunday. !!!! We are SO excited!! She actually forgot to ask someone for a ride to church so she didn`t come yesterday, but hopefully we`ll have that conversation with her soon! :D

One day we were chatting with the residents of an old folks home (where we visit a less-active) when two women got a little upset with each other and one of them said, "Excuse-moi, Monsieur, mais..." (I forget the rest of the sentence) but the point is, it turns out that she thought the other woman was a man this whole time. I`m not sure how long they`ve both lived there, but.... it`s been a while. The other lady was quite upset. All those years of drama games where we have to learn to suppress laughter paid off.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)

Soeur Shaver

There`s this prank where you fill a container with water and hold it up to the ceiling, then get someone to apply pressure using a broom handle so that it stays on its own - then you let go and they`re stuck there, knowing that if they move, they`ll get water dumped on their head, but they can`t do anything about it because it`s too far for them to reach. Mwahahaha.

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