Monday, 1 June 2015

Chuck. (Pronounced chook. I guess it's a Belgian thing?)

Dear friends and family.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, my companion has decided to teach herself German. This is Day Three of listening to Church videos in German on repeat in our spare time. Please send sourcrout. Um, I mean help. Please send help.

This transfer is off to an interesting start! Our district has two new Elders; one from Utah and one from Vegas. Neither of them was serving in French in their last area, so I`m sure they`re having a wonderful time right now picking up Quebecois. Actually, another one of our Elders is Belgian, and he was telling us the other day that by the time he gets home, he`ll know at least three or four languages; English, Spanish, French, and Quebecois. 

We had stake conference yesterday! Sister Davis and I were asked to do an English translation. That meant that we sat at the back of the room and took turns speaking into a headset so that others could hear us through headphones. It wasn`t as bad as we thought it would be! But it was definitely a different experience - we had to listen, interpret, translate, and speak all at once, because if we stopped listening while we were speaking then we wouldn`t hear the next sentence and there were big holes in what we were saying. There were only about 10 people who needed the English translation though, so it wasn`t TOO much pressure. :) We were also in the choir though, so we had to run all the way up to the stand and back a couple of times to sing. Good times. 

We`ve also seen a TON of miracles lately. We had the BEST lessons with new investigators yesterday with members present! I seriously don`t know what we would have done without those members! They`re the best! 

On a completely different note, we have a less-active who likes to practice putting eyelash extensions on us. So, that`s fun.
And here`s a picture of our new planners we made for each other :) 
Mine is the one on the right, and I made the one on the left.

Have a great week, everyone! :)

Soeur Shaver

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