Tuesday, 26 May 2015

La vieille ville, baptism, transfers, and Tagalog!

Hi, everyone!

So this week, my mission president told me I sound like the Pharisees. Sigh. 

But anyways, a few fun things happened this past week. Last P-day we had time to go take a look around Old Québec, which was really cool. It looks European. Since it was also a long weekend, there were tons of people out too.

In front of the Notre Dame de Bellevue and the Plains of Abraham

Also, there was a convert baptism last weekend! An 18-year-old from France that the elders have been teaching got baptized on Saturday, and we missionaries did a musical number...which we put together literally 10 minutes before the baptism.... It went well though! He was so happy. :)

We each had songs to practice for the baptism 
but we had to stay in sight and sound....so we made it work :)

I had my first transfer call!!! Of course, I`m only halfway through training, so we knew that nothing would happen to us. And since half our district was new this transfer, we weren`t expecting any big changes. Only two Elders from my district are leaving - our district leader is going to Montreal Chinese-speaking, and one of the elders (the zone leaders) in my ward is going to an area farther south, still French-speaking. How exciting!! But....it made me realize that I should probably be working harder to keep up my Spanish, just in case one day I get assigned to a Spanish area with no warning like that.... oh, and guess what! I`ve been learning a little Tagalog along the way! One time we accidentally had a lesson in Tagalog, and I`m pretty sure I had the gift of interpretation of tongues that day because I actually picked up a few words (that sound Spanish) and understood some of the main ideas (also because the member we brought with us threw in the occasional English or French word). Hilariously, `how are you?` in Tagalog is `Komusta ka?`which sounds a LOT like `Como esta?` Go figure.

Well that`s it for this week! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Mahal kita! :)

Soeur Shaver

One more thing! We take turns with the elders teaching an English class, and sometimes the Quebecois say really funny things. This week my favourite was: `It`s that time of year where you don`t know how to wear clothes.` Classic.

    random castle on a street corner (???)                                                   

and more old Québec

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