Monday, 4 May 2015

Paintings, cultures, and where is the time going?

Imagine a big abstract painting. If you were to ask hundreds of people to try to decipher it, you would receive hundreds of unique interpretations. The true meaning of the painting, what the artist intended, is not determined by the popularity of any one of the interpretations - the only way to know for sure what the painting means is to ask the Painter.

That`s an analogy that someone shared in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I love it! Church was actually really cool this week because I got to translate it into English for a member of the ward who recently moved in and doesn`t speak French. She`s from the Philippines. Actually, since I`ve been here, I`ve met people from all over the place; France, Belgium, Haiti, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Colombia.... it is the coolest thing. (Then there`s that awkward moment when you`re in a lesson with a less-active and she starts speaking Haitian Creole to her friend.... or when you ask someone from Africa about the Book of Mormon and they can`t read....) 

One thing I love about being a sister missionary is that people just open right up. Like, within an hour of knowing people I know their whole life story, along with really personal information that I`ll bet half their good friends don`t know. It`s kind of weird. But hey, if it means I can better help them come unto Christ, I`m all for it.

I feel like the weeks are just flying by. My first transfer is already half over! How!? D:

Anyway, I love you all! Until next time!

Soeur Shaver

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