Monday, 27 April 2015

Québec City Week 2

Week two FLEW by! We`re still figuring things out a little, but now we`ve met most of the people we`re supposed to be teaching and most of the ward. I love the people here. Some of them are really interesting - we have one investigator who has been taught by the missionaries for 20 years, for instance. She`s hilarious.

Me with President and Sister Patrick and my companion Sister Davis

There was a multi-stake conference yesterday and we got to hear from Robert D. Hales and a couple other general authorities in salt lake, which was awesome. :) They talked about the importance of missionary work, among other things. 

Also, car washes here are kind of expensive, so last P-day the elders kindly washed our vehicle for us and then asked (half-jokingly) for cookies as payment. So we made cookies and brought them to district meeting, which was so funny because the elders have no idea how to make cookies (apparently) and they were a little over-excited.

Speaking of food, here`s the recipe of the week: avocado + milk + a little bit of maple syrup (the good kind) + a blender = the most canadian shake I`ve ever tasted. Also very yummy. :) A member made this for us a week ago. So good!

Last thing - as a mission, we are all reading the whole book of Mormon this transfer. It`s 13-14 pages a day, and I LOVE it! If you`re not reading the book of Mormon daily, do it. That is all.


Soeur Shaver

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