Friday, 15 May 2015

zone, exchanges, Montreal, MIRACLES!!!!

Hello everyone! 

This was a BUSY week! Since I last emailed you all, I have had my first interviews with my mission president (other than when I first arrived), zone conference, exchanges, and a call home(YAY)! And tomorrow we`re on our way to Montreal for another training meeting!

A hymn in French

The past few days have been so amazing, I don`t even know where to start! Maybe zone conference. There are about 30 missionaries in my zone, only 6 of which are sisters. My companion and I were asked to play piano, and I got to play Called to Serve at the end. THAT was incredible. The Spirit was so strong during that zone conference, even our mission president essentially said that that was one of the best zone conferences he`s ever seen, including from his own mission. 

Exchanges were really fun too, and I think we all learned something from it, so that was good. Since our sister training leaders live 3 hours away, they both came to our area and we had to plan two companionships worth of activities with only one car. At the end, we went to this amazing place ice cream/chocolate place and it was basically heaven.

Also, we had this incredible miracle happen yesterday! We got a referral from church headquarters a few weeks ago and when we met her, we gave her the bible she had asked for, and also introduced the Book of Mormon. She seemed really interested and basically invited herself to start reading it and come to church. Then yesterday we called her again (she`s been crazy busy and lives far so we haven`t been able to see her - but soon!) and she told us that she`s been reading a chapter a day!!! All on her own! This is a woman who has been VERY prepared by the Lord to receive the Gospel! :D We are SO excited for her!

A street in Old Quebec where one of our investigators lives.

Well, that`s the main idea. I`ll be back onto a normal schedule next week (I hope!) :) Love you all!

Soeur Shaver

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