Monday, 3 August 2015

Friendly ducks, phone calls, and dignity

A really cool thing happened the other day! Sister Hinkson and I stopped by a less-active member to see how he was doing and see if we could maybe have a lesson with him. He happened to be available, so we went to a nearby park where we sat at a picnic table that was surrounded by probably 50+ ducks. I`ve never met such friendly ducks. It was strange. 

But that wasn`t the cool thing! While we were talking, an old man on a scooter drove up next to us and said something like (rough translation), "Oh, I was hoping you were eating something and I could maybe grab some" (jokingly) and the man we were teaching looked at his scriptures and was like, "No... but we are feasting on the word." And then that led into a Gospel discussion with this stranger who had some really sincere questions, and the one with whom we had been in the middle of a lesson got to bear his testimony about the topic we had been teaching! The stranger said he didn`t have a phone number but accepted a card and said he`d call us.

But the REALLY cool thing is that he actually did call the next day!!! Unfortunately it was while we were in church so we didn`t answer, but he left a message and said he`d try again later! (Just so you know, when people say they`re going to call us, they don`t. Almost ever.)

Aside from that, the only other cool news I can think of right now is that Sister Hinkson and I have been asked to give a training on dignity at the next zone training meeting this week! It`s exciting! But also a little bit nerve-wracking. This zone is almost twice as big as my last zone. We`re looking forward to it though!

Until next week!

Soeur Shaver

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