Monday, 10 August 2015

There IS a plan!

A 30-minute zone training and sacrament meeting talk later and I`m still here! Wow! Amazing! Actually, I really enjoyed doing both of those! I didn`t end up being as nervous as I thought I would be to give the zone training. We did a little skit at the beginning that got people interested and laughing right away, and it turned out to be pretty good! It was cool to meet the zone. I didn`t know anyone. But I did meet up with Sister Beaumont, who`s also from BC. :)

One of the things I love about missionary life is that God always has a plan for our day - He just doesn`t always let us know what it is! But generally, when the plans we made don`t work out, it`s because there`s somewhere else that He needs us to be in that moment. This week a lot of lessons got canceled last-minute. But that was okay because it gave us opportunities to do other things we otherwise wouldn`t have thought of! 

For instance, yesterday we went to an appointment with a less-active who turned out not to be home. So instead we dropped by a former investigator who lived in the same complex and we ended up actually getting in and having a long conversation with this woman from Uganda. She`s a single mother of three working to learn English (an opportunity she missed because of having spent her childhood fleeing from one war-torn African country to another) so she can get her high school diploma so she can better support her family. We meet the most interesting people! That`s another thing I love about being a missionary! We also ran into this man who had traveled all over the US and visited Salt Lake and when we offered him a Book of Mormon he was like, "I already have one of those!" So that was cool.

I think that`s about all I have to say this week! I can`t believe this is already the last week of the transfer! Time flies when you`re having fun ;) 

Soeur Shaver

Sister Hinkson is going home next week!

This is the house I live in right now. The mom of the family sometimes leaves us food in our room...  

 "Eet Smakelijk!" is Dutch for "Bon Appetit!"

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