Monday, 13 July 2015

Bienvenue à Saint-Jérome!

Bienvenue à Saint-Jérome! It`s so different from Québec! It`s a very rural area and we do a lot of driving. Rather than covering part of a big city, like my last area, we cover multiple little municipalities spread out over a large area. We could actually drive to Ottawa faster than we can get to some of our farthest members! It`s very green. I`m glad I get to spend most of summer here. :)

My new companion is Sister Hinkson. She`s great - and she`s excited about going home at the end of the transfer! Hallelujah! I was so worried I`d be killing someone who would be really upset. That would have made it really hard for me. 

The strangest thing about my new area is the living arrangement. We live with a nonmember family with two teenage boys and three cats. So, it`s basically like being home! They`re amazing. They speak Dutch, French, and English (in that order, as far as I can tell). Sometimes we come home and there`s leftover food for us. It`s wonderful!

I know I`m where I need to be right now. I haven`t even been here a week, and already I`ve had experiences that I know Heavenly Father wanted me here for. It`s such a blessing to realize that He trusts me to care for so many of His children. I love being a missionary!

Welterusten! :)

Soeur Shaver

P.S. sorry, I may not have time to get back to everyone`s emails today

Here are some pictures from my ward in Québec City just before my transfer:

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