Saturday, 28 March 2015

Silliness, prophets and... protestors?


Is it P-day again already? This week felt like it went by super fast. I'm already more than halfway done at the MTC! On the one hand, I'll be really excited to get out of here (as much as I love it, it starts to feel like voluntary prison after a while) but I also feel like two weeks isn't enough time left to be ready for the mission field. One awesome thing that I've forgotten to mention is that both of my wonderful teachers speak some French! It's great!

So, my district is hilarious. In the little spare time we have here, a lot of funny things happen. I made a paper crane one day and the Elders somehow made it into an inside joke which I don't even understand where they flap its wings and say, "donde!" every time... There are a few too many "donde birds" in our classroom right now. Also, we now have a mascot: Resurrected Santiago the Maple Cow the Bunny our Guardian Angel. (Maple cows are a Canadian joke the Elders made up. I have the purple cow power. Mwahaha.) 

Our "mascot"!

My companion and I re-wrote the song lyrics to "Do you wanna build a snowman?" as a door approach. It goes like this: Do you want a Book of Mormon? / It's a testament of Christ / You don't have to read the whole way through / just Alma 32 / It comes without a price / It was brought forth by a prophet / named Joseph Smith / He'd want you to read it too! / Will you read the Book of Mormon? / Here's your Book of Mormon / Okay, bye. 

I am SO excited for General Conference!! Sadly, the MTC choir will not be singing in it (they're only supposed to do that once every 2-3 years). As we've been teaching a couple of member lessons to volunteers at the MTC, we've been inviting them to share General Conference with their friends, and I'd like to extend the same invitation to all of you! Invite someone to watch a session with you or from home, or post your favourite talk on social media. Start thinking about it now! 

The last thing I have to say is a little more serious. There were a few days last week where there were protesters standing outside the MTC. There were only ever 2 or 3, but they were very loud. Last Saturday when my zone walked to the temple, one man followed us most of the way there. He walked a short distance behind us, yelling things like, "You're all going to hell!" and "Hey, you! You with the jacket! You need to repent!" and "If you keep walking, you're walking into fiery damnation!" . . . We ignored him as best we could and sang hymns as we walked up to the House of the Lord. You don't know how many missionaries would have loved to stop and talk to him - but we were asked not to, for safety reasons. That was not the first time, nor will it be the last, that something like this happens to members of the church. I have a strong testimony of the Gospel, and millions of others across the world do, too. We would not put up with that persecution and hatred if it weren't true. We wouldn't serve missions if it weren't true. We would not be as incredibly happy as we are if it weren't true. I testify that our message IS true, and that that fact does. not. change. 

I hope you're all doing well. I love reading your emails and getting Dear Elder letters from you. :) Have a great week, everyone!

Hermana Shaver

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