Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spanish, cats, jokes, and devotionals

"I only know one word in Spanish; Aloha."

That's a favourite joke of ours in my district. Also, since two of our Elders are going to Spain (actually only one now - one of them left on Monday for the Spain MTC) they're supposed to pronounce most Cs and Zs like TH, and Hermana Perdue and I think it is the funniest thing to just say ALL S sounds with a lisp. Our favourite line: Yo se que Jesu Smith es un folleto. 

Actually though, our Spanish is getting better! (Slowly.) The other day we did practice member lessons with real member volunteers and it was so fun! One was from Utah but served her mission Spanish speaking, and the other was from Honduras and really didn't even speak English. Our investigator lessons are usually pretty exciting too. One investigator asks really hard questions though, like, "Why Joseph Smith and not someone else?" and "My friend is very dedicated to your church but her life is still so hard. Isn't religion just giving people false hope?" We really like opportunities like that...but it's not always easy to explain.

We found a cat on campus! It was a REALLY exciting day. Speaking of cats, my companion sometimes likes to tell me stories right before bed. A few days ago she randomly said, "Hey, have I told you about my cat in China?" The story started out pretty cute but ended in the kitten dying of illness after two days and her burying it with a spoon while grumpy Chinese people yelled at her. Thanks, Hermana. Another really funny thing that happened this week was in the cafeteria yesterday when an elder (whom we kinda know but not really) walked up to us and was like, "Guess what. I just got my wisdom teeth out." He wasn't kidding either, and he was still very much on drugs haha, so that conversation was really entertaining. Not sure where his companion was at.

Oh! And as for general authorities this week, we heard from the first counselor in the Primary presidency, a guy from MTC authorities, and Elder Clark from the seventy. Elder Clark's talk was amazing. I don't know if it's published yet, but future missionaries should seriously all read it. That was Tuesday night. During the Sunday night devotional, we heard from a newly baptized korean girl who had been hired as a TRC investigator and actually been converted, thanks in large part to six sisters who are now serving in Korea! So cool! Also, on the topic of talks, Hermana Perdue and I get to speak tomorrow in the sacrament meeting held for the cafeteria staff - in ENGLISH! We are so excited! :)

Love you all!

Hermana Shaver

P.S. One last thing: Does anyone know how to get a hold of Mike Chen? Or know if he went to the Provo MTC? Because we found some interesting things in our ceiling this week, some of which was signed by a Mike Chen (not too long ago). If someone would look into that for me, I'd be very happy. :)

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