Saturday, 14 March 2015

Baptisms, Apostles, and Massages (only in the MTC)

Hello again!

MTC life is really cool. I love the language, I love my district, and even the weather is getting pretty nice. The hardest part is the constant exhaustion and lack of breaks. That, and the stress of teaching people I've never met in a language I don't speak about complicated ideas upon which their eternal welfare depends. No biggie, right? (Actually, all of our investigators are paid actors, so it's not actually that bad.)

So I guess once you've been here for a few weeks, you get to practice street contacting on other people at the MTC. Last week my companera and I kept getting targeted because of our Spanish name tags - but the Elders spoke really fast and we didn't understand everything. So we've learned to just kind of smile and nod, and when they stop talking, say, "Sure, we'd LOVE to get baptized!" It works pretty well.
 My district:)
Elders Tanner and Denton; Sisters Howell, McCarty, Me and Perdue; Elders Renner and Malolo

Also, the cool thing about this MTC in particular is that we get General Authorities all the time. Last Sunday we had Carol McConkie from the YW general presidency come to relief society, and someone really high up there in the MTC leadership speak in the evening. then on Tuesday, Quentin L Cook came! That talk was broadcast to all the other MTCs. I sang in the choir, and it felt like I was in MoTab. There were big screens showing us what it looked like to everyone watching from other MTCs, and the cinematography looked exactly like General Conference. Pretty cool, right!? 

Also, we got feedback from our first investigator yesterday. He got to break character and tell us about how we did. Apparently we did really well. He told Hermana Perdue and I that our lessons were incredible (yeah right..). It's hard to believe, but I'll take it! It must be really fun to have his job. The language blunders alone are hilarious. The other Hermanas walked in once and said they wanted to give him a massage (mesaje) instead of a message (mensaje). Because that's totally appropriate. We got a good laugh out of it though!
trilingual life

My zone which is now outdated since half left for Argentina this week.

 Post-it quotes in our hallway.

MTC graffiti!

Love you all!

Hermana Shaver

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