Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Hello hello!

First of all, before I even get to this week, have you seen the video on christmas.mormon.org yet? If not, go watch it! And then share it on social media! Because, guess what? A Saviour is born. And THAT is amazing. Because of Christ, there is hope, joy, and meaning in life. Without Him, we wouldn't have any of that.

Soon this week was overall really good, but had its ups and downs. On the on hand, we had to stop teaching our super golden muslim investigator, whom we love to pieces, until she gets her immigration status sorted out. Breaking the news to her was hard. We also had a first lesson with someone who flat out rejected the gospel. That's always sad too. 

But on the other hand, we had another first lesson, this one with a man from Congo, who happily accepted the message of the restoration and accepted a baptism date! And some of our people came to church for the first time in forever! She's well on her way to baptism, and her husband is well on his way to receiving the Priesthood. Yay! We also had American Thanksgiving dinner with some of the American families in our ward. Of the 6 missionaries in our ward, my companion is the only American. Weird. And the Primary presentation was yesterday, and it was super cute. It was fun to see our 9-year-old recent convert participating, too. 

So, I have a quick funny story! We had been trying to drop by these less-active members for a long time, but they live in a bad part of town and for some reason we only ever had tie to do it at night. But we finally had a chance to go during daylight hours, so we did! When we got off the bus though, we were getting these really weird vibes from the people around us. And then the man walking in front of us paused and turned to look at us. In this really creepy voice, he said, "Welcome to the South side," laughed, and walked away. And then some people across the street started yelling at each other and cursing and threatened to call the cops. Annnnd we just kept walking! Haha. It was great though, because one of the people we were trying to see was actually home, and she gave us pie and chamomile tea. 

Oh, and I'll hit my halfway point this week!

Love you all!

Sister Shaver

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