Monday, 7 December 2015

Therefore, let us glory!

...yea, we will glory in the Lord"(Alma 26:16). I looked up the word 'glory' in the dictionary. To glory in something or someone means to honour, praise, triumph, delight, and exalt. As someone said in sacrament meeting yesterday, if months of the year were days of the week, December would be Sunday. It's a time to reflect on your relationship with Jesus Christ, to evaluate your life on a more spiritual scale, and toglory in our Saviour.

Things do not have to be going well in life for you to glory in the Lord. My understanding of this concept grew this week! In all honesty, it just wasn't a good week! But that's okay, because this is still the Lord's work, God still loves His children, and as long as we're choosing the right and doing our best, things always get better. And they already are getting better! After several bad/mediocre days in a row, yesterday was a really good day. We had 3 lessons, all of which went extremely well, thanks to a lot of divine influence. It's so good to be a missionary!

I might as well tell you about some of our adventures though! We got to do service by gift-wrapping in a mall one day. It was really fun! Most of the day was really slow but while we were there, we had lots to do! We also had interviews with our mission president, which is always uplifting. We had this one dinner appointment last Friday night that adventure. The quality of the food wasn't an issue - these Ethiopians know how to cook - but it was the quantity that was a should never ever eat that much food all at once. My stomach didn't start feeling normal again until today. We also had our ward Christmas party this weekend, which was a great success. :)

I'll write again next week with news from transfer calls! Have a jolly week!

Sister Shaver
 Freezing rain

 and Christmas!

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