Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well....not really. But it SNOWED! Thankfully, not very much. And today it's a little warmer, so that's good!

Hmm....well, this week was pretty good. There were ups and downs. One "down" was that we had a last lesson with two investigators whom we love. Unfortunately, they're just not interested in hearing our message anymore. It was a hard lesson. 

But on the other hand, sometimes we have really cool miracles! Like the other day we had no appointments (which is rare) so we ended up walking around for a solid 3 hours trying to pass by people. We hadn't had much luck, other than this one woman who opened her door to us (and was awesome!) and we were getting on the bus on our way home when the bus driver asked us to wait there a moment. He ended up talking with us about what we do, since he sees missionaries all the time and had no idea what we were all about, and talking about his own religious beliefs - he even gave us his contact information! Yay! 

There was another time, yesterday actually, that we were on the bus and the man behind us tapped me on the shoulder and told me that the man behind him wanted to talk to us. So this big African man leaned forward and said, "Hello mah seestah," asked if we spoke French, and then basically preached at us about how Jesus Christ is his life for the whole rest of the bus ride! It was so funny!

Oh, I also have some exciting news! I've been one of the missionaries selected to be interviewed by Elder Golden of the Seventy tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Sister Shaver

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