Tuesday, 12 April 2016


So when the sons of Mosiah (people in the Book of Mormon) went on their mission, basically the first thing that happened to all of them was they got thrown in prison and were threatened to be put to death. They eventually all got out of prison and had wildly successful missions, baptizing and bringing thousands of souls unto Christ. 

But let's think about that time they were stuck in jail. They were great missionaries, they had good goals, and they had the Spirit with them in full force. But let's face it, they were not getting anything done. Despite everything they were doing right, nothing was going the way they thought it should.

For most of the past 2 weeks, Sister Clement and I have been "in prison," meaning that nothing is happening! It was so frustrating because we planned carefully, set goals inspired by the Spirit, prepared diligently, and worked hard - but every appointment we had fell through. Every person in our already-too-small teaching pool was either too busy or too tired or just dropped off the face of the planet. To make things more awkward, as missionary leaders, our area is supposed to be an example from which other missionaries can learn and we had an exchange last weekend. With the new way of doing exchanges (determined by the First Presidency), both sisters come to work in our area, leaving theirs empty for a day, which means we get twice as much done. Except that we had no appointments scheduled, let alone enough to fill two companionships' schedules....

President Patrick loves to bring up the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) and then encouraging us not to be insane. Sooo we looked at the things we'd been doing to find new investigators and what things we hadn't tried. We hadn't really spent time knocking on doors yet, so we decided to give that a shot. And guess what! This weekend, we found 3 new families to teach and several more potential investigators - one of those new investigators has even accepted a baptismal date already! MIRACLES! 

The moral of this story: God will always bail us out of prison if we let Him.

Other than that, we had a really good zone conference this week. :) Have a great week, everyone! 

Sister Shaver

 We made sushi

It snowed

There are weird monkey murals in Montreal

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