Monday, 18 April 2016

Fear Not

Hello hello!

So this week was really good! The work is picking up pace little by little. This week we visited the Mandarin Chinese district's district meeting (and they mostly spoke English for us), we did a member split - I got to spend a few hours with a 17-year-old in our ward who's preparing for a mission - and we did a regular exchange with the Greenfield Park sisters! I was on exchanges with Sister Prince. It was so fun because this is her first transfer and we got to ride the metro together (her first time on metro!) and teach and find and it was awesome. I love that new-missionary enthousiasm! 

I have a funny story. Our apartment has wooden floors and normally that's no problem, but the other day, just as we were about to leave, I spun on my heel and got a small sliver in my foot. When my companion asked why I was taking my socks off, I explained. As soon as she understood what a "sliver" was, face lit up and she said, "Stay right there!" and disappeared to another room. I started trying to pry it out with some tweezers, but a few seconds later, Sister Clement was back - with two HUGE knives from the kitchen and this scary look of determination on her face.

Yeah...that didn't happen! I convinced her to find me a sewing needle instead... She was like, "Sister, don't you trust me? I chop vegetables all the time. What's the difference?" The horrified look on Sister Arizmendi's face was pretty great when she said that. Fun times! :D 

Anyways, transfers are coming up! We're getting our call this week. I hope we don't change, but Sister Clement has been having a lot of dreams about moving, so we'll see! We've been focusing a lot on boldness lately, and we're getting better at talking with everyone and pushing past boundaries of comfort. I mean, it's a little awkward to sit next to the only other person on the bus, and a little scary to approach a group of men standing outside in the dark smoking and speaking Russian. But hey, sacrifice is what it's all about! When you think of it as, "What am I willing to sacrifice in order to bring someone salvation?" it's a lot easier. Doubt not, fear not! 

Sister Shaver
My awesome district!

Me with a member.

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