Monday, 7 March 2016

Welcome to/Bienvenue à Montréal


You know it's going to be good when the first member of the ward you meet is a recent convert who's an ex gang member. He's awesome.

Well, moving into a new area is kind of becoming routine. The last few days with Sister Schuerch were great. It was sad to leave her at the mission office. But she's home now and hopefully doing well!

My new area is in the heart of Montreal. I remember being sooooo excited about driving a car when I was in Kirkland - but I'm at least twice as excited to be on metro and buses now!! I loooove not having a car! I might not have loved it when it was -35 degrees, but now that it's warming up, it's awesome! However, "real" transfer calls are this Saturday, so I'm currently living out of my suitcases just in case I move again. I could go back to Kirkland, after all. But honestly, I don't think I'm going anywhere. Yet.... 

My new companion is Sister Clement. She was born in Haiti and lived there until she was 10 or 11 and has lived in Florida since then. She's super cool. I'm pretty excited to work with her! It's funny how as sister training leaders, there is no senior and junior companion, but normally it feels that way anyway at first because one of you knows what's going on and one of you doesn't - but it's more balanced in this situation because I know all the STL things we need to be doing, but she knows the area. She's actually only been here for 4 weeks, so we're still figuring some things out!

Anyway, despite it being a little hectic, I don't actually have much to report. I wanted to share an idea though - you know how companies put their logo on everything they produce? When they make something, they're proud of it, and they want everyone to know that it's theirs. When we are baptized, we are made into new people through the Atonement of Christ. He places His name upon us because that is where His perfections are made manifest - He's proud of us, and wants everyone to know that we are His. We covenant to take His name upon us. As we keep that covenant, the light of Christ shines through us, and people recognize us as His disciples. I can't think of many things more beautiful than that. I hope all of you reading this who are members of the Church remember that this coming week, and that your week is excellent as a result! I love you!

Sisiter Shaver

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