Monday, 8 February 2016


Hey hey!

Every time you think you're starting to get comfortable, the Lord goes BAM! new area, or senior companion, or new language, or training, or sister training leader. Transfers are fun.

This week was a little crazy! The last couple of days in el barrio de Victoria were busy, then a member drove me to my new area where I met my new companion, Sister Schuerch, and that was that! Being a sister training leader is exciting. There's no designated driver between the two of us, so I DROVE A CAR for the first time in almost a year this week, and on freeways in a big city, no less. And we're still alive! Together with the zone leaders, as sister training leaders we get to attend monthly meetings with the stake president and mission president, Mission Leadership Council, go on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone(not with the zone leaders), and have weekly phone calls with each district leader AND weekly phone calls with our mission president and the elders serving as his assistants. There's also a higher expectation for strict obedience and consecration to the work. So far I really like it!

One thing that has really impressed me this week is how much Heavenly Father helps us fulfill our callings and do the work He needs us to do. It's hard to describe the love I already feel for so many of the people in my new area. Sometimes even within the first few minutes of meeting them, I'm blessed with the gift of charity - the ability to see these children of God through their Father's eyes, the pure love of Christ. Nothing would get done in missionary work without charity. If we don't love the Lord, we don't serve Him. If we don't love the people, we're far less likely to be able to help them progress towards making covenants with God and reach their potential. So I'm just really grateful that Heavenly Father is helping me out so much in my new assignment.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Sister Shaver

Added by Michelle's mom:
Michelle's brother got married this week in the Seattle temple. Here she is trying on one of the  bridesmaid dresses for fun!

 She made these heart decorations for the reception.

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