Monday, 4 January 2016



Hermana Rivas and I went on a lot of adventures this week. Some were really exciting (like dying my hair or getting members' attention by throwing snowballs at their window) and some were less exciting (like waiting outside someone's house for 40 minutes for her to get back from walking her dog). 

        Before and after pictures of my hair
By the way, I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but it SNOWED. A LOT. The first real snowfall of the year brought over 30cm of snow on the first day, and a few extra cm each day since.... We've done a lot of shovelling....

Speaking of shovelling, that brings me to one of our adventures! One of our lessons cancelled and we had a bunch of free time (and our kilometer limit for our car was pretty much dead) so we grabbed some shovels and walked around until we found a car that was completely buried. We could only see a couple inches of the side, and we almost missed it completely. So we spent a good 30-40 minutes shovelling around it and brushing snow off. The owner walked out of his house and tried to give us money. He tried really hard but we refused to take it and he had to leave (in his brother's car) to go to work so he didn't have time to argue with us. But as he was walking away, one of the men working on the house across the street called out, "Are you mormons?" which was cool because he wasn't close enough to read our name tags. After the car owner left, that construction worker offered us hot chocolate. It was so nice! We left a card on the car with a phone number for the French-speaking missionaries.

Another adventure was helping decorate for the ward New Year's Eve party. Hispanics go all out with their fiestas. We and the elders decided to surprise them by adding a balloon-drop element to the mix! We made a pouch out of tablecloths and filled it with balloons, then hung it from the basketball hoop (it's a really high ceiling) with strings to tug on at midnight to make it fall. Unfortunately, it was a one-shot kind of thing, so we couldn't test it... even MORE unfortunately, it didn't work! D: We were told that they eventually got the balloons to come out but they had to watch it like a pinata. 

      We couldn't go to the party because it started at 10pm....

One more thing! We have this new investigator from Venezuela and he has a baptismal date AND came to church yesterday!!!! This is the first time in many transfers that this area has had an investigator come to church. AND he LIKED it, so he's bringing his son with him next week! YAY!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy New Year!

Hermana Shaver

 Our whole mission on Dec. 22!

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